Sing High! Sing Low!

by The Silver Field

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Dry Light 05:03
i’ve been told not to hold on to the past but when you’re lost on the moors or adrift at sea it can be a light in the dark it can be a weight in the deep it can be the one thing you can hold on to and sometimes you have to hold onto something anything the biggest thing the strongest thing the first thing the last thing you're the deepest weight i hold you're the best anchor i know help me find my way home you’re the brightest warmest light you are a lantern in the night take my hand and lead me home
Hearth Bite 04:18
pull the mountains closer but my heart stays in the same place racing in the sluggish dusk long-fingered pine boughs face of rivers mirrors the sky this is a dream i’m looking through, isn't it? was i running from you? running from what i meant to you? was i running from me? running from what it meant to be a body to be a lover to be a father to be a brother to be a sister to be a mother what is a mother and what is a father? they’re all that you mean them to be what is a son and what is a daughter? they’re all that you mean them to be what is a lover, what is a brother? what is a sister and what is a friend? who do you turn to, who do you run from? who holds the light when the day finds its end? and three hours later i’ve still not woken feet on the damp earth facing up the mountain's peak it's something that's brought me here it's like a path i walked before but things are different, i feel denser how do i try to understand: your name means love? how do i try to feel around the bones of this dream? how do i lose? how do i love? how do i fall? how do i win? how do i push all of this out of me? how do i pull it back in? the walls bend and shift and we are together again, wet with the rain, facing the day
i went out to the hazel wood because a fire was in my head and i cut and peeled a hazel wand and hooked a berry to a thread and when white moths were on the wing and moth like stars were flickering out i dropped the berry in a stream and caught a little silver trout when i had laid it on the floor and knelt to blow the fire aflame then something rustled on the floor and someone called my by my name it had become a glimmering one with apple blossom in their hair who called me by my name and ran and faded through the brightening air though i am old with wandering through hollow lands and hilly lands i would find out where they have gone and ask to kiss and take their hands and walk among long dappled grass and pluck till time and times are done the silver apples of the moon the golden apples of the sun
Day Flowers 04:52
your face, like some dark bloody mountaintop calm and stoic, how you know where the lines are pour boulders in the mouth of the waves how the pebbles eat the sea in the morning you're the why i get up with the sun and go down with the break of the day bitter; the burn on your toungue beauty; the bruise on your thigh heavy; the soft yellow lid of your eye
Salt Light 04:12
when i’m walking in the night when i’m out walking in the night i feel like i can make it on my own like i can make it on my own sometimes i don’t always know how to do it i don’t always know how i do it i don’t always know when to do it i don’t always know when i do it but when i walk here in the night i weave and i unweave the fabric of me here these things that i believe taking up old threads as i walk laying down new threads as i walk taking in fear as i walk laying down love as i walk when i break, i find my shape i find the strong parts and i grow to know their face these structures become a lasting joy to me i lose the weak parts when the storms come just grit and dirt, we all rejoice i make one here, another house of love - to look in the windows and know my own windows & see the fires burning & greasy smoke billows - the feeling is golden & holds me up towards the morning
Out Back 04:21
when i wake when i walk i want to think of you
Talk To Me 08:18
you know that when you talk to me, you know i feel it, yeah
the house burned down last night somewhere one small flame fell & then others followed before long there were thousands answering the call and the air was a deadly kind of thick there were tins of paint in the corner getting hotter & hissing & ready to explode we clawed across the grass to escape the heat or hidden in burrows & counting out time we followed the lines of heat to the night under soil we covered ourselves like we were roots stunned by the speed of movement living out the time that it took because now there is no time because now there is no time there is no weight of history there is no bruise of longing there is only here, there is only now all i can do is keep walking all you can do is keep walking all we can do is keep walking


Sing High! Sing Low! is the second album from The Silver Field, a sound world of Coral Rose and friends, to be released 12th June 2020 on Crossness Records.

Its nine exploratory tracks combine to form an aural postcard - a collection of snapshots following the path of a journey. The story picks up where debut album Rooms (O Genesis Recordings, 2019) left off, with a decisive stepping out into the world, and follows Rose’s next steps, with one eye still trained on that starting point.

A familiar part of Rose’s song craft, many of the tracks on Sing High! Sing Low! are formed around tape loops. These loops often go back to The Silver Field’s inception, drawn from the same collection of source material as Rooms. What sets these songs apart from their predecessors is a striking new sense of extroversion, an exploratory propulsion, charting new musical territory while holding tight to the homemade idiosyncrasies of her previous work. Rose’s vocals stand front and centre, her sonic tapestries unfurled to their fullest, her storytelling more vibrantly human than ever before.


released June 12, 2020


all rights reserved



The Silver Field

The Silver Field is a sound world of Coral Rose & friends. Voice, tapes, bass, strings, reeds, drums, small sounds, big sounds, sunlight, moonlight, a lot of water.

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